About Us

About Us
We are an online tech news site, dedicated to providing interesting articles, tutorials,entertainments and even news at some instances . We are always trying our best to ensure that our content is understandable for regular and new visitors.
Can I Email You a Question?
Absolutely yes, We get a ton of emails, so we might not answer every email from every reader.
When was HausaZone established
The name HausaZone.Com was not initially the name of the site. We’ve started with Jegaloaded March 2011, we later registered a domain name .ml by 2013 and in the long run Hausazone.Com by May 2015
Can I Translate Your Articles?
You are welcome to translate the articles into another language as long as you follow below couple of rules:
-You should not use our images.
-You must link back to the original article.
Can i contribute with an article
yes you can send any tutorial, tech news,story/gist to


for publication.